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May 10, 2024

Hanover, Pennsylvania is unofficially referred to as the “snack food capital of the world”. Hanover takes great pride in this, but how did Hanover get that title? 

Since 1909, Hanover has been a hub of snack food production, starting with Harry Warehime who created Old Tyme Pretzels. Eventually the Warehime family created Snyder’s Bakery which made a wide range of snacks, including pretzels, of course. Over time, they became the modern-day Snyder’s of Hanover, which has been acquired by Campbell’s Soup Co.

Another brand originating in Hanover that you may be familiar with is Utz. The Utz story began in 1921 with Bill and Salie Utz producing Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips in their small kitchen. Currently, Utz produces over 3.3 million pounds of snacks per week and is a major reason Hanover is a top player in the snack food industry. 

While Hanover is home to these large snack and pretzel producers, our town is also serving up freshly made pretzels from local sellers! Revonah Pretzels, having opened in 1935, is a big part of Hanover’s pretzel history. The pretzels are made from their original sourdough recipe and each one is rolled and twisted by hand and then salted and baked in their stone oven.

Newer to the pretzel game, but just as tasty, is the Pretzel Lady. Located in the Hanover Market House, Pretzel Lady makes their pretzel dough from scratch and hand rolls it each business day, focusing on serving hot, fresh, and delicious pretzels.

Hanover, fondly known as the snack food capital of the world, has made its mark in snack food and pretzel history and continues to honor this title. Through events highlighting the “Snacktown” brand, to snack food inspired specials in our local restaurants, to pretzel decorations throughout the town, it is clear that Hanover has really embraced its snack food past, present, and future!

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York County Tourism Grant Program - Fueling York County's Tourism Industry
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about dietary options, reservation policies, and hours of operation.

What are the top attractions to visit in Hanover?

Visitors often inquire about the Hanover Historic District, which is known for its over 2600 mid-19th to mid-20th-century buildings.

Are there guided tours available in Hanover?

In Hanover, Pennsylvania, history enthusiasts can enjoy a journey through time with visits to the Hanover Area Historical Society Museum, which showcases the town’s rich past; the Warehime-Myers Mansion, a beautifully preserved example of early 20th-century architecture; and the Neas House, one of the oldest surviving structures in Hanover, offering a glimpse into the life of the 18th-century Pennsylvania German settlers. These historical landmarks provide a captivating window into Hanover’s heritage and are a must-visit for those looking to experience the town’s historical charm.

Can visitors engage in any unique local activities?

In addition to Codorus State Park and Hickory Falls, Hanover is also known for the Snack Town Street Fair, a vibrant festival celebrating the town’s snack food heritage with craft vendors, food, and entertainment, created in partnership between the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce and Utz Brands

What historical experiences can one have in Hanover?

Hanover provides a rich historical experience with tours like the Civil War Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour and the Spirits of Jennie Wade Ghost Night Tour in nearby Gettysburg.

What is Hanover known for?

Hanover, Pennsylvania, is renowned as the Snack Food Capital of the World, home to iconic brands like Utz Quality Foods and Snyder’s of Hanover, which are part of the Campbell Snacks portfolio.                              

Where can I grab a drink?

Dolphin & Anchor Pub: Located in the heart of Hanover, they offer traditional beer styles with a twist.

Sign of the Horse Brewery: A contemporary brewery catering to craft brew enthusiasts with a range of house taps.

Fat Bat Brewing Company: A local brewery started by a beer-loving brother and sister team, known for their craft beer selections.

Iron Lion: A place where you can enjoy a selection of craft beers in a market setting1.

Where can I get a map of Hanover?

The Borough office at 44 Frederick St, Hanover has everything you will need to find your way around Hanover.